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About us

Health & Safety


REACH is a chemicals management regulation of the European Union. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. It entered into force on 1 June 2007, and has been implemented in a stepwise approach. Under the REACH Regulation, companies are responsible for providing information on the hazards, risks and safe use of chemical substances that they manufacture or import. Companies register this information with ECHA (European Chemicals Agency)

Our Vision on REACH

While we realise that chemicals are essential to our contemporary way of living, at the same time we have to take care to produce and use them in a safe way. As a responsible manufacturer and importer of chemicals, Petroineos has a duty of care in the management of chemicals regarding their intrinsic properties in terms of safety, human health and environmental effects.

REACH will encourage the industry to innovate or use chemicals in a way in which risks are adequately controlled and minimised.

Petroineos fully supports the REACH objectives to minimise the risks associated with our production activities and products, and to continuously improve their safety, health, and environmental performance. Petroineos will cooperate with industry consortiums, co-producers, and customers to achieve our REACH goals.

REACH compliance is a prerequisite for the European industry to market their products in the EU. The EU chemicals industry will benefit from a higher level of protection from risks of chemicals for EU citizens, resulting in human health and environmental benefits.

REACH has brought challenges for the chemical industry in general but has improved our knowledge and expertise regarding chemical substances for all stakeholders involved. All chemical substances in Europe will be comprehensively documented with risk assessments for their safe use and management. Petroineos will incorporate this additional information, as far as necessary and appropriate, in the Safety Data Sheets and Exposure Scenarios of their products where necessary.

REACH Registration

Petroineos is fully committed to supporting and fulfilling all its REACH requirements and objectives to ensure the continued availability of products for our customers.

Petroineos has successfully registered all required chemical substances to allow continued manufacture, use, and import of Petroineos products into the EU. Petroineos participates in Substance Information Exchange Forums (SIEFs) and consortia for all relevant substances.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets for Petroineos products are available and maintained with the latest substance information meeting current regulatory and compliance standards. The Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation (CLP) introduced into the EU the globally harmonised system for classifying and labelling chemicals setting out the requirements for Safety Data Sheets and labelling requirements.


At Petroineos, safety underpins all that we do. It is our number-one priority and at the forefront of our operations. Refineries are classified as top tier COMAH sites by the Health and Safety Executive, so it is imperative that the risks associated with handling potentially hazardous products in all conditions are identified, controlled and reduced. The level of reliability that is needed when running an integrated oil refinery is far greater than that which is needed in other industries, and Petroineos have worked tirelessly to ensure that we exceed the standards that are set by both the regulatory bodies and industry best practice.