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Crude Oil

Crude oil remains an important energy source, and when refined it is used within a wide variety of applications, from gasoline and fuel for aircraft and ships, to energy production for domestic and industrial use.

Our well-established presence in the West African, Mediterranean and North Sea crude oil markets enables us to source a wide variety of crude grades for our refineries. As a result, we can assist our refineries in optimising crude slate input and production to our commercial advantage. Our growing crude portfolio enables our customers to benefit from increased access to all grades from markets around the globe.

As part of PetroChina’s global network, our trading team enjoy the mandate to supply PetroChina’s domestic crude oil demand, as well as playing a vital role in supporting its overseas upstream projects, and moving these cargoes globally.

Our crude oil team actively engage in entrepreneurial trading, where we have long-standing relationships with producers and refineries across European and African markets.

Our trading team, supported by a global network of peer companies from our shareholders network, is well-positioned to maximise crude oil sourcing and trading synergies to our customers’ advantage. We utilise our robust trading platform and deep market knowledge to leverage the best price, maximise opportunities and mitigate risk through physical and paper trading.