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Refined Products


At Petroineos we trade a full range of refined oil products. Aided by Petroineos’ unique trading opportunities our trading team continue to build up our market presence in Europe and Africa. In addition to our refineries’ production volume, our trading team also enjoys the mandate to provide trading services to PetroChina to meet its domestic import and export requirements.

Working closely with our peers from PetroChina’s global network, we form part of an extensive global trading network benefiting from robust infrastructure and logistic capabilities. Further enabled by PetroChina’s solid credit support, and our good relationships with major financial institutions, we can create bespoke trading solutions for our clients with unparalleled trading flexibility.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a mixture of propane and butane, two flammable, non-toxic gases. Petroineos produces LPG from both Grangemouth and Lavera refineries. The majority of LPG is sold to satisfy local markets or for entrepreneurial trading.


Naphtha is mainly used for gasoline blending and as a petrochemical feedstock for steam cracking. Naphtha produced from both of our refineries is sold to local petrochemical industry or traded internationally.


Gasoline is one of the most important grades produced from our refineries. Petroineos is an active player in European and African gasoline markets, actively trading gasoline from our own refineries as well as participating in entrepreneurial trading.

Our extensive blending, logistic capabilities and storage in ARA give us a unique position to supply global customers with the specific specification they require for their local market. We also play an important role in supplying local markets, particularly in Scotland and South France.

Gas Oil

Diesel forms the largest demand of any oil product in Europe and our refineries are well positioned to take advantage of this demand. With one refinery located in North West Europe and the other in the Mediterranean, we are able to serve a wide range of customers with their requirements for both Diesel fuel and Higher Sulphur Gasoil, both for road transportation and heating fuel purposes, amongst others.

In addition to our refining network, our global trading network work together to source fuels from locations worldwide, seeking to optimise the price and specifications that we are able to provide our customers in each supply location.

Jet Fuel

Jet fuel is produced at both of our refineries. We serve local airports – Marseille, Nice and Geneva from Lavera and Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Newcastle from Grangemouth – as well as end-users around the world.

Supported by our network in key trading locations, our stringent quality control and strong logistic capabilities ensure we deliver to our customers the grade of fuel they require at the right time and the right place.


Biofuels are liquid or gaseous transport fuels such as biodiesel and bioethanol which are made from biomass. They serve as a renewable alternative to fossil fuels in the EU’s transport sector, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the EU’s security of supply. By 2020, the EU aims to have 10% of the transport fuel of every EU country come from renewable sources such as biofuels. Fuel suppliers are also required to reduce the greenhouse gas intensity of the EU fuel mix by 6% by 2020 in comparison to 2010.

Since starting our Biodiesel trading business in 2016, regulations have driven the demand for Biodiesel and Petroineos has quickly grown to become one of the leading biodiesel traders in Europe

Fuel Oil

Fuel oil (also known as heavy, marine or furnace oil) is a fraction obtained from the petroleum distillation, either as a distillate or a residue. It is the heaviest and least volatile of the commercially used fuels.

Supported by our storage facilities and refineries, we are able to optimize logistics and shipping and provide quality of services to our customers. Our fuel oil trading desk is active both on the cracked and residual fuel oil market. We supply utility grade fuel oil for the power generation, bunker grade fuel oil as well as feedstocks.

In Lavera, we have established a local bunkering business that provides on time services and supplies quality products from our refinery system.