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Situated on the Mediterranean coast close to Marseille, Lavera is the largest refinery in the South of France and is one of the largest refining sites in Southern Europe, with the capacity to process 210,000 barrels per day, which equates to ten million tonnes per year.


In December 2005, all activities previously owned by the BP Group since the 1930s were acquired by INEOS under the INEOS Manufacturing France SAS entity. In 2011, INEOS established a partnership with PetroChina to manage the trading and refining activities from Lavéra and Grangemouth refineries. This led to the creation of Petroineos Manufacturing France SAS in 2012.

Safety First for Lavera

Safety and environmental protection are top priorities for the management team of the Petroineos Lavera site. It is imperative that all the risks associated with handling potentially hazardous products in extreme conditions are controlled.

Refinery infrastructure

Sitting on the Mediterranean coast, the refinery can rely on an extensive local jetty infrastructure that accommodates ships of 300 to 500,000 tonnes, for the import of crude oil via carriers and for the export of finished grade fuels. Though well connected by road, the refinery is also well connected by pipelines into France, Switzerland and Southern Germany for the import and export of its products.


Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Lavera produces LPG of following grades:

  • Propane
  • Commercial Butane
  • Chemical Butane

  • Naphtha

    Naphtha is mainly used for gasoline blending and as a petrochemical feedstock for steam cracking. Naphtha produced from both of our refineries is sold to local petrochemical industry or traded internationally.

    Gasoline (Petrol)

    Lavera produces biofree gasoline grades:

  • BASE COM 95 BF
  • BASE SP98 BF

  • Diesel

    Lavera’s produces the following diesel grades:

  • Diesel B0 (without biodiesel)
  • Diesel B7 (with 7% biodiesel)
  • Swiss Diesel (summer grade only)

  • Gas Oil

    Lavera produces the following grades of gasoil

  • FOD (Heating oil French market)
  • Heating oil Swiss market 1000 or 50 ppm sulphur
  • Marine Gasoil 0.1% sulphur
  • Additional grade from 1st Jan 2020 DMB: 0.5% sulphur

  • Jet Fuel

    Lavera serves local airports.
    JET A1 grade.

    Fuel Oil & Bunker

    Lavera produces a range of high and low sulphur RMK, RMG grades that can be delivered directly to ships and vessels.


    Lavera is a major bitumen producer. We cover all activities with bitumen grades for:

  • Normal paving grade with a penetrability range from 20/30 to 160/220
  • Hard paving grade with a penetrability range from 10/20 to 15/25
  • Multigrades with a penetrability of 35/50

  • Wholesale and Logistics

    Lavera Refinery has access to all logistic options, including: pipelines (SPMR, NATO), sea, river, road and railway.

    For enquiries regarding the supply of any of the products above, please email: We look forward to hearing from you.

    Professional Equality Index

    Following the publication on the 5th of September 2018 of a new law in France for the freedom to choose one’s professional future, companies are required to calculate and publish on their website an index that allows their situation to be measured in areas relating to professional equality between women and men.

    The Gender Equality Index is calculated using 5 indicators. The maximum score that can be obtained is 100 points distributed as follows:

    1. gender pay gap (39/40 points);
    2. difference in the distribution of individual pay increases (10/20 points);
    3. difference in the distribution of promotions (10/15 points);
    4. number of employees benefited from an increase upon their return from maternity leave (15/15 points);
    5. number of people of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest paid (5/10 points).

    For the year 2023, the “UES INEOS Lavera” obtained a score of 79 out of 100 points. This result is improving and stands well in our industrial context.

    It strengthens our will to continue our actions with the ambition to further advance professional equality to reach or even exceed, each year, the minimum score of 75/100.

    Job Creation for the Region

    The Lavera Petroineos refinery employs 650 people in manufacturing and maintenance. Studies and processes; industrial automation and IT; purchasing and industrial logistics; hygiene, safety, environment quality, and support functions. There are recruitment opportunities at Lavéra for both those starting their career and experienced workers. Lavera operates internship and apprenticeship programmes for operators, technicians and engineers.