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Situated on the Firth of Forth on Scotland’s east coast, Grangemouth Refinery is one of the six remaining refineries in the UK and the only refinery in Scotland. With a refining capacity of 150,000 barrels per day, Grangemouth plays a leading role in supplying Scotland’s fuel demand, and is of strategic importance to Scotland’s energy supply and regional economic development.


The discovery and introduction of crude oil from the Middle East in the 1920s presented the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, predecessor to BP, with the opportunity to establish a refinery in Scotland. With its superb transport links and rich vein of labour, skilled in shale oil refining, Grangemouth was chosen as the ideal location for the first purpose-built crude oil refinery in the UK.

In the years that followed, activities at Grangemouth were expanded and a dedicated petrochemical site was constructed adjacent to the refinery. In 1951, the company commenced importing crude oil from its Finnart Ocean Terminal on Scotland’s west coast. Today, two pipelines run between Finnart and Grangemouth, one of which was converted into a multi-product pipeline to transport white oil products to Finnart, making it a successful import/export terminal able to accommodate the world’s largest crude carriers (VLCCs).

Safety, the Number One Priority

At Petroineos, safety underpins all that we do. It is our number one priority and at the forefront of our operations. Refineries are classified as top tier COMAH sites by the Health and Safety Executive, so it is imperative that the risks associated with handling potentially hazardous products in all conditions are identified, controlled and reduced. The level of reliability that is needed when running an integrated oil refinery is far greater than that which is needed in other industries, and Petroineos have worked tirelessly to ensure that we exceed the standards that are set by both the regulatory bodies and industry best practice.

Refinery Infrastructure

The refinery is connected to the Forties Pipeline System (FPS) for its crude oil intake from the North Sea and connected to Finnart Ocean Terminal for crude oil import and finished products export. The refinery has excellent logistical infrastructure to load and transport fuel via road, jetty, rail and pipeline, with a full range of transport, heating and aviation fuel available. We market these fuels from our owned assets at Grangemouth and Dalston, and from third-party locations in Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as exporting to the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the world.


Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a mixture of propane and butane, two flammable, non-toxic gases. Petroineos produces LPG from both Grangemouth and Lavera refineries. The majority of LPG is sold to satisfy local markets or for entrepreneurial trading.


Naphtha is mainly used for gasoline blending and as a petrochemical feedstock for steam cracking. Naphtha produced from both of our refineries is sold to local petrochemical industry or traded internationally.

Gasoline (Petrol)

Petroineos markets Regular and Super Unleaded gasoline meeting BS EN228 throughout Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland via its wholesale business, Petroineos Fuels Limited.

Jet Fuel

From Grangemouth, we serve local airports at Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Newcastle.


Petroineos markets Kerosene, meeting BS EN2869 for heating throughout Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland via its wholesale business, Petroineos Fuels Limited.


Petroineos markets Diesel meeting BS EN590 throughout Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland via its wholesale business, Petroineos Fuels Limited.

Gas Oil

Petroineos markets both 10ppm and 1000ppm Sulphur Gas Oil throughout Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland via its wholesale business, Petroineos Fuels Limited.

Fuel Oil

Fuel oil (also known as heavy, marine or furnace oil) is a fraction obtained from the petroleum distillation, either as a distillate or a residue. It is the heaviest and least volatile of the commercially used fuels.

Supported by our storage facilities and refineries, we are able to optimize logistics and shipping and provide quality of services to our customers. Our fuel oil trading desk is active both on the cracked and residual fuel oil market. We supply utility grade fuel oil for the power generation, bunker grade fuel oil as well as feedstocks.

Wholesale and Logistics

Petroineos actively markets fuels from our own road terminals at Grangemouth Refinery and Dalston, Northern England, as well as via third-party storage locations at Grangemouth and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

We operate a robust logistics system and are able to sell and, if requested, deliver products to our customers via:

• Terminal loading gantry
• Rail
• Road
• Pipeline
• Ship

Each year, we manufacture and supply in excess of five billion litres of transport and heating fuels to our UK customers and, as a local refiner, can be relied upon to provide the highest level of service.

For enquiries regarding the supply of any of our products, please email:

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Value Added Proposition for Customers

Grangemouth adds value for its customers by offering a quality, indigenously-refined fuel via the shortest logistics chain possible, minimising transit times whilst ensuring the highest quality possible. It has the largest laboratory in Scotland on-site, which is a leading facility in the UK for fuel analysis, and works with customers to facilitate their business by offering ancillary services such as office accommodation, vehicle refuelling, and latest market and product information. Through its membership of UKPIA (United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association) it actively engages and consults on all matters relating to the fuel supply sector in the UK. Indeed, Petroineos staff chair various UKPIA committees, bringing their wealth of experience to the wider UK forum.

Job Creation for Region

Grangemouth is the primary supplier of aviation fuel for Scotland’s main airports, and a major supplier of petrol and diesel ground fuels across the Central Belt. The refinery is a vitally important piece of infrastructure, its activities extend to both the local and wider economy, massively affecting the supply chain. In addition to the people directly employed, the company brings in local contractors for large-scale operations, such as turnaround activities, as well as experts from across the UK and the United States.

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